Agricultural Produce (Chemical Residues) Regulations 1985

    3. Maximum residue limits

    (1) Subject to subregulations (2) and (3), the maximum residue limits specified in Column 3 of Schedule 2 are prescribed in respect of the agricultural chemicals specified in Column 1 of that Schedule in relation to the agricultural produce specified in Column 2 of that Schedule.

    (2) Where any agricultural produce consists of or contains one or more of the kinds of agricultural produce referred to in Column 2 of Schedule 2 the maximum residue limit is the proportionate quantities of the respective maximum residue limits of the constituents.

    (3) Where residues of 2 or more of the agricultural chemicals listed in any one group of those specified in Schedule 3 are present in any agricultural produce, the maximum residue limit is unity when determined by calculating the sum of the fractions obtained by dividing the proportion of each agricultural chemical present by the maximum residue limit of that agricultural chemical in that agricultural produce if it alone were present.

    [Regulation 3 amended in Gazette 11 Jun 1996 p. 2432.]

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