Statistics Regulations

11/Nov/1998 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    1. Matters for which statistics may be collected

    (1) In addition to the matters specifically mentioned in section 8 of the Act, the Statistician shall, subject to these regulations, collect annually statistics in relation to the following matters, that is to say:

    (a) motor omnibus services;

    (b) goods transport services, other than railways;

    (c) wholesale and retail prices and house rents;

    (d) commercial air services;

    (e) co-operative companies or societies.

    (f) Electricity generating stations, plants, or works of any kind or nature, including those used on or in connection with quarries, or gold, coal, or other mines in which minerals are mined, whether the electricity generated is sold to the public or used solely for the purpose of the generating station, plant, works, quarries, or mines, or for any other purpose.

    (g) building operations.

    (2) The owner of every omnibus (as defined in and for the purposes of the Traffic Act 1919-1935); the owner of every goods transport vehicle licensed or required to be licensed under the State Transport Coordination Act 1933; the owner of any wholesale or retail establishment; the controller, or his responsible representative of any auction market; the owner of any rented dwelling, the owner of any commercial air service, and the managing body or the manager of every cooperative company or society, and the owner, manager, or agent of any electricity generating station, plant, or works of any kind or nature including those used on or in connection with quarries or gold, coal, or other mines in which minerals are mined and any person or his responsible representative who engages or who appears on reasonable grounds to engage in building operations other than as an employee shall, when so required by the Statistician and to the best of his knowledge and ability, fill up, or cause to be filled up, and at such times and in respect of such periods as the Statistician may from time to time prescribe by notice in the Government Gazette, supply to the Statistician the particulars specified and required in the form or forms which are from time to time prepared and issued by the Statistician in accordance with his duty in respect thereto under section 7 of the Act, and also to fill up or cause to be filled up such particulars in such form or forms in accordance with the instructions stated therein or which accompany such form or forms.

    (3) Every such owner aforesaid, and every servant or agent of every such owner whom the owner instructs or authorises to make the returns required by this regulation, shall be a prescribed person within the meaning and for the purposes of section 9 of the Act.

    [Regulation 1 amended by Gazettes 2 February 1940 p.151; 22 March 1946 p.304.]

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