Health (Cervical Cytology Register) Regulations 1991
Part 2-Cervical Cytology Register

    6. Use of information on Register

    (1) The information on the Register shall be used by the Commissioner

    (a) where possible, to provide for notification to women whose cervical cancer test results are normal, the appropriate time for their next test;

    (b) where possible, to ensure that appropriate procedures are put in place for women whose test results are abnormal;

    (c) to provide a linked record of results for every woman on the Register, which is available in accordance with regulation 7(1)(b)

    (i) to the woman;

    (ii) to the woman's medical practitioner; and

    (iii) to a laboratory engaged by, or on behalf of, the woman;

    (d) to provide comparative data from laboratories to encourage consistency of performance; and

    (e) to provide epidemiological data in order to

    (i) monitor participation rates and patterns;

    (ii) assist programme planning;

    (iii) provide a data base for use in approved research into cancer, its alleviation and prevention;

    (iv) increase public awareness by the publication of statistical profiles; and

    (v) assist the compilation of comparative data by any national organization approved by the Commissioner.

    (2) Data provided under subregulation (1)(e)(iv) or (v) shall not contain any information which enables the identification of any woman in respect of whom data is held on the Register.

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