State Energy Commission (Bearer Debenture and Inscribed Stock) Regulations 1980

21/Nov/2003 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    13. Manner of registration of stock

    (1) All stock issued shall be inscribed in a Stock Ledger kept in a system approved by the Commission at a Registry by entering therein the full name and address of the holder of the stock and the amount owned by him, and such other particulars as the Registrar may think necessary.

    (2) No stock shall be inscribed in the names of more than 4 persons.

    (3) Firms shall not be registered as such or by reference to a trading or business name, but in the names of not more than 4 of the individual partners.

    (4) A person whose name is inscribed, or is proposed to be inscribed, in relation to stock shall lodge at the Registry at which the stock is inscribed a specimen of his signature, and shall verify that signature in a manner approved by the Registrar.

    (5) The Registrar may, before effecting any dealing in stock, require to be satisfied as to the authenticity of any document or purported authorisation to sign a document and may require it to be under seal.

    (6) Where the Registrar is satisfied as to any documents produced for the purposes of this regulation, and those documents, or copies of those documents, are retained by the Registrar or included in the Signature Register the Registrar shall not thereafter require such documents to be produced in respect of subsequent dealings.

    (7) If from any cause any authority given for the purposes of this regulation to an authorised person is substituted in favour of another person, or if the authority given to any specified person is cancelled or withdrawn, notification of the change shall be given to the Registrar in like manner to the giving of an authorisation.

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