Upurl Upurlila Ngurratja Incorporated By-laws
Part 1-Preliminary

13/May/2005 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    3. Definitions

    In these by-laws unless the context requires otherwise

    }by-law~ means one of these by-laws;

    }community land~ means that land declared by the Governor under section 6 of the Act to be the community lands of the community;

    }the Act~ means the Aboriginal Communities Act 1979;

    }the community~ means (as the context requires) Upurl Upurlila Ngurratja Incorporated and that collective group comprising the membership of Upurl Upurlila Ngurratja Incorporated, their spouses and dependents (where not members in their own right) and }member of the community~ has a correlative meaning;

    }liquor~ means liquor as defined in the Liquor Licensing Act 1988;

    }deleterious substance~ means glue or any volatile liquid containing hydrocarbons;

    }vehicle~ means any motor vehicle, designed and manufactured to be capable of self propulsion and includes any trailer or caravan while attached to a vehicle;

    }the Council~ means the Council of Upurl Upurlila Ngurratja Incorporated.

    These by-laws shall apply

    (a) on all community land; and

    (b) to all persons on community land, whether members of the community or not.

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