Agriculture and Related Resources (Declared Plants and Restricted Animals) Regulations 1982

    7. Destruction or cleansing of certain animals or things

    (1) Any animal or thing delivered into the custody of an inspector in accordance with section 74 of the Act shall be held for such time as is necessary for inspection, shearing, cleansing or destruction.

    (2) Where any animal or thing is found to carry or contain any prohibited material and is detained in accordance with section 73 of the Act, an inspector may, by notice in the form of Form 2 in the Schedule, require the owner, consignor, consignee or person in possession or control of that animal or thing to destroy it or to cleanse it of prohibited material within the time specified in that notice.

    (3) A person who is unwilling to comply with the requirements of a notice to destroy or cleanse any animal or thing of prohibited material may instead

    (a) arrange with an inspector for its release on condition that it be exported from the State;

    (b) within the time specified in that notice, return the animal or thing to a part of the State approved by an inspector; or

    (c) enter into a contract with the Protection Board to have such destruction or cleansing carried out, for and at the expense of such person, at a charge determined by the Protection Board from time to time.

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