Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 1974

    5. Minister may prohibit access to areas

    (1) The Minister may, by notice

    (a) served personally;

    (b) erected or displayed in a prominent position on or near that land; or

    (c) published in the Gazette,

    prohibit access to any protected area, or any portion thereof, either generally or in relation to any specified person or class of persons, and any such prohibition may vary as to time, circumstance or otherwise as specified in the notice.

    (2) A person shall not, without the consent of the Minister or the Registrar, enter or remain on any protected area to which the public is not admitted or contrary to the conditions upon which the public is admitted, or contrary to the provisions of a notice given under subregulation (1).

    Penalty: $100.

    [Regulation 5 amended in Gazette 30 Jun 1995 p. 2784.]

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