Stock (Control of Hormonal Growth Promotants) Regulations 1994

12/Dec/2003 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    16. Treating stock

    (1) The owner of stock to be treated with a prescribed substance shall ensure that

    (a) the treatment is carried out under the personal supervision of the owner;

    (b) the substance is applied strictly as directed on the product label, and injected into the skin of the ear of the animal treated;

    (c) immediately after treatment, the treated animal is marked in the approved manner with the prescribed ear punch mark applied in the centre of the ear and if one ear has been marked for the purposes of the Stock (Identification and Movement) Act 1970 2 to the ear which is not so marked; and

    (d) a record, in an approved manner and form, is made of the treatment showing

    (i) the date of treatment of each animal;

    (ii) the prescribed substance used;

    (iii) the number of animals treated;

    (iv) the number of animals sold;

    (v) the date of sale of each animal; and

    (vi) the immediate, and if known the final, destination of each animal.

    (2) The record of treatment referred to in subregulation (1)(c) shall be kept in a place of safe custody by the person who is the owner of the stock at the time of treatment, and shall be retained for a period of 3 years after the last entry in it was made.

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