System of Accounting Receipts and Disbursement of Moneys Regulations

11/Nov/1998 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    32. Purposes of welfare committee

    (1) The purposes for which a Welfare Committee may be appointed shall be to establish, maintain, conduct and carry on, in and upon or about the premises of the State trading concern a canteen, cafeteria or refreshment room and such other amenities as may in any way benefit or be of advantage to such employees in the course of their employment in the State trading concern.

    (2) The Welfare Committee may, for the purposes aforesaid, do such acts, matters and things as are in its opinion necessary or convenient or expedient and which are not unlawful and will not involve the State trading concern in any expenditure of money which the Minister controlling such State trading concern is not willing that it should bear or assume, and in particular without in any way affecting or limiting the generality of this paragraph the Welfare Committee may do all or any of the following things:

    (a) Enter into any agreements with the Minister controlling the State trading concern in relation to the exercise by the Welfare Committee of any of its powers under these regulations.

    (b) Employ and engage servants and agents for carrying on any canteen, cafeteria, refreshment room or other amenity established by the Committee.

    (c) Receive and expend money for and in connection with any of its undertakings as such Committee.

    (d) Acquire and occupy, whether as owner, lessee or tenant, any building or premises or place which it requires for or in connection with any of its undertakings aforesaid.

    (e) Purchase, hire, rent or otherwise acquire any goods, chattels, articles, effects, or things, and sell or otherwise dispose of any such goods, chattels, articles, effects, or things.

    (f) Subject to the approval of the Minister make any rules for or in connection with its own proceedings, and for and in connection with the establishment, maintenance or carrying on of any of its undertakings aforesaid.

    (g) Where any moneys are for the time being held by the Committee and are not immediately required for the purposes of the Committee, invest such moneys in any investment authorised by law for the investment of trust moneys.

    [Regulation 32 inserted by Gazette 3 December 1943 pp.1126-7.]

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