Supreme Court (Corporations) (WA) Rules 2004
Part 7-Liquidators

    7.3 Report to liquidator as to company's affairs (Corporations Act s.475)

    (1) If a person is required under section 475 of the Corporations Act to submit and verify a report as to the affairs of a company, the liquidator must give to the person the appropriate forms and instructions for the preparation of the report.

    (2) Except by order of the Court, no person is to be allowed out of the property of a company any costs or expenses incurred in relation to the preparation of the report that have not been

    (a) sanctioned by the liquidator before being incurred; or

    (b) taxed or assessed.

    (3) The liquidator must report to the Court any default in complying with the requirements of section 475 of the Corporations Act.

    (4) In this rule

    }liquidator~ includes a provisional liquidator.

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