Health (Swimming Pools) Regulations 1964

    3. Notice to be sent to Executive Director, Public Health and local authority

    (1) Whenever it is intended to construct, open, alter or extend any swimming pool, the occupier shall give notice to the Executive Director, Public Health and to the local government of such intention.

    (2) The notice to the Executive Director, Public Health shall be accompanied by

    (a) 2 copies of plans, specifications and a description showing the mode or proposed mode of construction, draining, ventilating and lighting the swimming pool, the quantity of water which the swimming pool is intended to hold and the capacity of the filtration and other water treatment units; and

    (b) a block plan showing the position of the swimming pool in relation to the position and distribution of sanitary conveniences and the lands on which the swimming pool abuts and the purposes for which those lands are used.

    [Regulation 3 amended in Gazette 29 Jun 1984 p. 1782; 16 Aug 1985 p. 2918; 1 Nov 2002 p. 5364.]

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