Health (Public Buildings) Regulations 1992
Part 6-General electrical requirements

    59. Power supply connection to a public building

    (1) Where the electricity supply to a public building is not connected directly to the supply authority's mains the following provisions apply

    (a) where electricity is supplied through sub-mains, the main switchboard of the public building shall be connected directly to the sub-main; and

    (b) where electricity is supplied by means of a rising main, every tee-off from the rising main shall have a separate over current circuit protection device.

    (2) Where a public building sub-main is one of a number of sub-mains supplied from a supply authority's mains all those sub-mains and the over current protection devices provided in connection with the sub-mains and tee-offs from rising mains shall be co-ordinated so that effective discrimination is achieved.

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