Sewerage (Lighting Ventilation and Construction) Regulations 1971

    7. Airlocks

    (1) A water closet apartment to which regulation 6(2) applies, and every airlock, shall be

    (a) separately lighted by electricity and provided with a switch within that apartment or airlock; or

    (b) provided with a window on an external wall, having a clear area of not less than 0.2 square metre for each 10 square metres or part thereof of floor area.

    (2) Every airlock shall have a floor area of at least 1.85 square metres and shall be provided with direct ventilation to the open air from a point near ceiling level through a vent, or vents, carried as direct to the open air as is practicable, and boxed throughout, and having a minimum clear area at any point of not less than 0.015 square metre for every 10 square metres or part thereof.

    (3) For the purposes of these regulations an external wall shall be considered as such where an open verandah, porch or similar structure does not extend beyond 2.4 metres from the external wall.

    [Regulation 7 amended in Gazette 16 Nov 1973 p. 4222; 3 May 1974 p. 1439; 21 Jun 1974 p. 2060.]

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