Health (Swimming Pools) Regulations 1964

    13. Storage of chlorine gas

    Where chlorine gas is used for water treatment in respect of a swimming pool

    (a) all chlorine cylinders on the premises shall be housed in a separate room isolated from the rest of the buildings with entrance from the open air; be secured in an upright position unless otherwise approved by the Executive Director, Public Health; and be so arranged that they can be used with a minimum amount of handling;

    (b) the storage room shall be

    (i) well ventilated;

    (ii) protected from direct sunlight;

    (iii) kept free of combustible or inflammable materials;

    (iv) fitted with a floor at or above ground level; and

    (v) kept locked at all times when not in use;

    (c) the storage room shall not be connected to any ventilating or air conditioning unit or be adjacent to any furnace, heating element or radiator;

    (d) as protection from chlorine leakage

    (i) at least one self contained breathing apparatus, with a minimum duration of 10 minutes protection against chlorine shall be kept in a readily accessible place away from, but near to the area likely to be contaminated;

    (ii) all personnel shall be trained in the use of such apparatus; and

    (iii) the apparatus shall be regularly tested and maintained.

    [Regulation 13 amended in Gazette 16 Aug 1985 p. 2919.]

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