Agricultural Produce (Chemical Residues) Regulations 1985

    2AA. Interpretation

    (1) In these regulations unless the contrary intention appears

    }animal feeding stuff~ means any substance, including any mixture or compound, and whether in package form or in bulk, used or intended for consumption by any animal or offered for sale for that purpose, and includes basic feed, processed food and manufactured stock foods;

    }basic feed~ means any grain, seeds, hay, meat or fish used as, or in the preparation of, an animal feeding stuff;

    }by-product~ means any substance produced from an animal or plant, in any process of treatment or manufacture, not being the primary object of such process;

    }manufactured stock food~ means any feed made up of one or more of the following

    (a) basic feed;

    (b) processed food;

    (c) by-products,

    and includes stock licks but does not include basic feed only;

    }processed food~ means a basic feed which has been changed in form by chemical, physical, or mechanical treatment and includes by-products.

    (2) In these regulations a reference to agricultural produce by a group name specified in Column 1 of Schedule 1 is a reference to the agricultural produce specified opposite that group name in Column 2 of that Schedule.

    [Regulation 2AA inserted in Gazette 22 May 1987 p. 2202; amended in Gazette 11 Jun 1996 p. 2431-2.]

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