Hairdressing Establishment Regulations 1972

18/May/2001 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    4. Requirements for hairdressing establishments

    The proprietor of a hairdressing establishment shall cause

    (a) every shelf, bench and table on which instruments, tools and utensils are placed to be constructed of or finished with a durable, smooth, impervious material;

    (b) cupboards, cabinets, shelves or similar fittings of durable smooth materials to be provided, for the storage of clean towels, neck cloths, neck protectors, throwovers and similar articles;

    (c) a sufficient number of suitable receptacles, constructed of smooth impervious material with tight fitting lids to be kept on the premises for the reception of

    (i) soiled linen, soiled towels and other soiled cloths; and

    (ii) hair, paper and other trade wastes,

    and shall cause each such receptacle to have marked thereon, in permanent and prominent letters of not less than 50 millimetres in height the words or word }soiled linen~ or }waste~ as the case may be;

    (d) a wash basin to be provided for every 3 work stations;

    (e) where laundering is carried out on the premises, the laundry to comply with the requirements of the local authority, but the laundry shall not consist of less than the facilities described in the definition of }laundry unit~ in By-law 4A of the Model By-laws Series }A~, with hot water delivered at a temperature of not less than 60C;

    (f) where refreshments are prepared and provided for the customers on the premises, the refreshments to be prepared in a room completely separate from the hairdressing section;

    (g) the premises of the hairdressing establishment to have natural ventilation in accordance with Uniform Building By-law 1201 or mechanical ventilation in accordance with the table to By-law 1221 of the Uniform Building By-laws; and

    (h) the floor of every hairdressing establishment to have a smooth, impervious, washable surface in the working area.

    [Regulation 4 amended in Gazette 3 May 1974 p. 1433; 14 Jul 1989 p. 2153.]

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