Hospitals (Licensing and Conduct of Private Psychiatric Hostels) Regulations 1997

    17. Inspection of hostels

    (1) The Commissioner or a person authorised by the Commissioner, may inspect any hostel, whether or not notice has been given.

    (2) The inspection may be at any time and for as long as the Commissioner or the authorised person sees fit.

    (3) In the course of the inspection, the Commissioner or authorised person may

    (a) inspect any part of the hostel;

    (b) interview any resident who has not declined to be seen;

    (c) make enquiries as to the care and treatment of any resident;

    (d) require the production of any record, document or register required to be kept under these regulations or under the licence; and

    (e) take copies of, or extracts from, any such record, document or register.

    (4) A licence holder, supervisor or other person having an official capacity at a hostel is to

    (a) afford any assistance that may be requested for the purpose of exercising any power under this regulation; and

    (b) answer any query that may be made under this regulation by the Commissioner or authorised person.

    Penalty: $500.

Note: This is not an authorised version. The only authorised version is the hardcopy (printed) version published under authority of the Government Printer, available from the State Law Publisher, 10 William St Perth W.A. 6000.