Health (Poultry Manure) Regulations 2001

    3. Interpretation

    In these regulations

    }approved~ means approved by the Executive Director, Public Health;

    }commercially-derived~, in relation to poultry manure, means poultry manure that is the result of a commercial poultry undertaking, including egg production through }layer~ farming, or meat production through }broiler~ farming;

    }poultry~ means chickens, ducks, geese, emus, ostriches, turkeys, waterfowl, and any other birds bred or kept for commercial purposes (other than for the purpose of sale as pets);

    }process~ means a process for the treatment of untreated poultry manure that is intended to prevent flies from breeding in the manure after treatment by that process;

    }untreated poultry manure~ means poultry manure, whether or not mixed with other materials, that has not been subject to treatment by an approved process.

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