Auction Sales Regulations 1974

9. Stock register

(1) The register to be kept for the purposes of section 30 of the Act shall be in Form 15.

(2) On the same day as a sale of stock is conducted, the auctioneer shall cause to be entered in the register the following particulars as a separate entry for each lot of animals offered for sale

(a) the number of the pen where the animals were held when auctioned;

(b) the name and address or identifying code of the vendor of the animals so auctioned;

(c) the quantity of animals auctioned in that lot;

(d) a description of the breed and type of animal auctioned;

(e) except in the case of goats and young animals not required by law to be branded, the brand or identifying mark as required by the Stock (Identification and Movement) Act 1970;

(f) if sold by auction, the price per head of each animal when knocked down to the purchaser, and the name and address or identifying code of the purchaser of the animal; and

(g) if passed in or sold by private treaty, a description of the means of disposal and the name and address of any purchaser.

(3) The auctioneer conducting the sale shall append his signature in the place provided, signifying that the particulars contained in that sheet are, to the best of his knowledge, accurate particulars of all stock offered for sale by him.

(4) Where any alteration to particulars entered on the register appears, the auctioneer shall initial each alteration as being correct.

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