Health (Swimming Pools) Regulations 1964

    7. Provision of facilities

    (1) The occupier shall provide an adequate number of dressing rooms in respect of each sex, conveniently situated, and shall provide facilities to such number and of such nature as to be in accordance with the following scale:

    (a) Toilets:

    (i) one water closet for every 40 female swimmers; and

    (ii) one water closet plus one urinal for every 60 male swimmers.

    (b) Showers: One for every 40 swimmers.

    (c) Handbasins: One for every 60 swimmers.

    (2) Where provision is made at the swimming pool for spectators, separate toilets and handbasins shall be provided for their use.

    (3) Unless otherwise directed by the Executive Director, Public Health for the purpose of the provision of facilities under subregulation (1), the number of swimmers shall be calculated by allowing one person for each 2.3 square metres of pool surface area and allotting the final number as 50% male and 50% female.

    [Regulation 7 amended in Gazette 16 Aug 1985 p. 2918.]

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