Hospitals (Licensing and Conduct of Private Psychiatric Hostels) Regulations 1997

    3. Interpretation

    In these regulations

    }Chief Psychiatrist~ has the same meaning as in the Mental Health Act 1996;

    }hostel~ means a private psychiatric hostel, within the meaning of Part IIIB of the Act, and when referred to in relation to a licence, means the hostel to which the licence relates;

    }licence~ means a licence to conduct a private psychiatric hostel granted under the Act;

    }supervisor~ means a natural person

    (a) referred to in section 26B(2), (3)(c) or (4)(c), as read with section 26Q, of the Act; or

    (b) approved under regulation 7;

    }resident~ has the same meaning as in Part IIIB of the Act.

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