The Companies Regulations 1947
Part II

11/Nov/1998 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    11. Conclusion of winding up

    The winding up of a company shall, for the purpose of section 207 and section 289 of the Act, be deemed to be concluded

    (a) in the case of a company wound up by order of the court at the date on which the order dissolving the company has been reported to the Registrar by the liquidator or at the date of the order of the court releasing the liquidator pursuant to section 209 of the Act;

    (b) in the case of a company wound up either voluntarily or under the supervision of the court at the date of the dissolution of the company unless at such date any funds or assets of the company remain unclaimed or undistributed in the hands or under the control of the liquidator or any person who has acted as liquidator, in which case the winding up shall not be deemed to be completed until such funds or assets have been either distributed or paid into the }Companies Liquidation Account.~

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