Health (Construction Work) Regulations 1973

11/Jan/2002 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    4. Temporary sanitary facilities

    (1) The temporary sanitary facilities to be erected and maintained on a site by a main contractor are as follows
      Number of Workmen
      Temporary Sanitary Facility
      For each 20, or fraction of 20
      1 water or chemical closet and 1 handbasin.
      Where there are 12 or more, for each 30 or fraction of 30
      1 urinal stall.

    (2) Where a site is served by a system for the disposal of sewage the temporary sanitary facilities other than the temporary sanitary facilities of a chemical closet type shall be connected to that system.

    (3) Where on a site the system for the disposal of sewage consists of an impervious tank system the contents of the system shall be regularly removed by a contractor who is approved by a local authority.

    (4) Where

    (a) the site is not served by a system for the disposal of sewage; or

    (b) it is necessary to comply with regulation 5,

    a main contractor shall install a temporary sanitary facility of the chemical closet type that

    (c) has a capacity of not less than 60 flushes without servicing; and

    (d) has been approved by the Executive Director, Public Health or the local authority.

    [Regulation 4 amended in Gazette 29 Jun 1984 p. 1782.]

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