Health (Notification of Cancer) Regulations 1981

15/Mar/2002 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    6. Notification by radiologist

    A person who is in charge of any place in which cancer is treated by ionising radiation or accelerated atomic particles shall, within 30 days of the first occasion on which any person is so treated, furnish the Executive Director, Public Health with the following information in relation to that person, namely

    (a) full name and address of the person;

    (b) sex and date of birth of the person;

    (c) the type of cancer for which that person is being treated;

    (d) the name of the medical practitioner by whom the person is referred for examination; and

    (e) if the person is a patient in a hospital, the name and address of the hospital.

    [Regulation 6 amended in Gazette 29 Jun 1984 p. 1782; 27 Feb 1996 p. 704.]

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