Soil and Land Conservation Regulations 1992

11/Mar/2005 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    8. Public meeting

    (1) A public meeting is to be held at a place within the district which is

    (a) reasonably accessible to the persons who would be liable to pay the proposed service charge;

    (b) of a sufficient capacity to hold the number of persons reasonably expected to attend the meeting.

    (2) The district committee is to cause notice of a public meeting to be given not more than 4 weeks and not less than 2 weeks before the date of the proposed meeting in a newspaper circulating in the district.

    (3) The district committee is to give to all affected local governments not less than 6 weeks' notice in writing of the public meeting.

    (4) The notices referred to in subregulations (2) and (3) are to

    (a) specify the soil conservation purpose for which the service charge is proposed to be imposed;

    (b) specify the category of persons who will be affected by the proposed service charge; and

    (c) outline the purpose of the meeting.

    (5) A local government which receives a notice under subregulation (3) is to exhibit a copy of the notice to the public on a notice board at the local government's offices.

    (6) In this regulation and in regulations 9 and 10

    }affected local government~ means a local government in which land on which it is proposed to impose a service charge is situated.

    [Regulation 8 inserted in Gazette 11 Jun 1999 p. 2535.]

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