Adoption Regulations 1995
Part 2-Private adoption agencies

    10A. Conduct of private adoption agency

    During the period a private adoption agency holds a licence, the agency must

    (a) comply with the provisions of the Adoption Act 1994;

    (b) not collect funds for disbursement as aid to or disburse funds as aid to people living in another country;

    (c) not give money or other benefits to or receive money or other benefits from a person who collects funds for disbursement as aid to or disburses funds as aid to people living in another country;

    (d) not perform any functions other than functions that may be performed under a licence;

    (e) not provide an adoption service in respect of

    (i) a child domiciled in a Convention country unless the agency is accredited under regulation 23C; or

    (ii) a child domiciled in any other country that is not specified in the licence;

    (f) not issue publications promoting the adoption of children or offer preparation courses for individuals who wish to adopt a child from another country unless the publication or the content of the course has been approved by the Director-General; and

    (g) comply with, and ensure that its staff comply with, the Code of Conduct set out in Schedule 1 as if the Code applied, with all necessary modifications to, and in relation to a private adoption agency and, without limiting this, the Code applies as if a reference to an accredited body were a reference to a private adoption agency and a reference to the State Central Authority were a reference to the Director-General.

    [Regulation 10A inserted in Gazette 3 Sep 1999 p. 4297-8.]

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