Supreme Court (Corporations) (WA) Rules 2004
Part 2-Proceedings generally

    2.8 Notice of certain applications to be given to Commission

    (1) This rule has effect in addition to the requirements of the Corporations Act that, in relation to a proceeding, particular documents are to be served on the Commission or notice of particular matters is to be given to the Commission.

    (2) This rule does not apply to a person making an application if the person is the Commission or a person authorised by the Commission.

    (3) Unless the Court otherwise orders, if a person makes an application under a provision of the Corporations Act mentioned in column 2 of the Table to this subrule, the person must serve on the Commission, a reasonable time before the hearing of the application, a copy of the originating process, or interlocutory process, and supporting affidavit in respect of the application.

    Description of application
    1.s. 480For the release of a liquidator of a company and the deregistration of the company
    2.s. 482(1)For the stay of a compulsory winding-up
    3.s. 509(6)For the deregistration of a company
    4.s. 536(1)For an inquiry into the conduct of a liquidator
    5.s. 601AH(2)To reinstate the registration of a company
    6.s. 601CC(8)To restore the name of an Australian body to the register
    7.s. 601CL(9)To restore the name of a foreign company to the register
    8.Ch. 6, 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D or 7Any application under these Chapters
    9.s. 1317S(2), (4) or (5)For relief from liability for contravention of a civil penalty provision

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