Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations 1993
Part 11-Miscellaneous

11/Nov/1998 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    59. Denaturing of waste liquor etc. in certain circumstances

    (1) In this regulation, unless the contrary intention appears

    }liquor~ means beer, ale, stout, wine, cider or spirits;

    }waste liquor~ means

    (a) liquor that is derived from

    (i) the purging of supply lines; or

    (ii) the spill, drip or overflow from any tap, vessel or other receptacle;

    (b) any unconsumed liquor which has previously been supplied to a customer in a glass or other receptacle and has been abandoned by the customer; and

    (c) liquor that is contained in or derived from a receptacle of a kind commonly referred to as a drip tray.

    (2) The licensee of premises, in respect of which a licence to sell liquor granted under the Liquor Licensing Act 1988 is in force, who sells liquor in any form other than in sealed packages

    (a) must not permit any waste liquor to be on those premises unless it contains a blue dye in sufficient quantity to impart and maintain at all times a distinct colour not characteristic of the colour of the liquor;

    (b) must cause every vessel on the premises into which waste liquor is received, placed or allowed to run or discharge, to contain a blue dye as specified in paragraph (a); and

    (c) must not substitute for any drip tray on the premises a glass, jug or other receptacle normally used for serving or holding liquor.

    (3) A person must not sell any waste liquor.

    (4) A person who contravenes subregulation (2) or (3) commits an offence.

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