State Superannuation Regulations 2001
Part 1 - Preliminary

    4. Selection of contribution period

    (1) The Board is to select a period to be the contribution period for each Employer and its workers.

    (2) The Board may select different contribution periods for different classes of workers of an Employer.

    (3) The Board may change the contribution period or periods for an Employer provided the change is not detrimental to any Member.

    (4) The Board is to notify the Employer of the period or periods selected under this regulation and any change in the selection.

    (5) Until the Board selects otherwise the contribution period for an Employer is

    (a) in respect of workers who are Gold State Super Members the fortnight commencing on the commencement day;

    (b) in respect of workers who are West State Super Members and who are paid periodically at intervals of less than 3 months the workers' pay period; and

    (c) in respect of workers who are West State Super Members not covered by paragraph (b) a quarter.

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