Stock (Identification and Movement) Regulations 1972

    4A. Manufacture and sale of eartags for identifying sheep, goats and camelids

    (1) In this regulation

    }approved manufacturer~, in relation to an eartag, means a manufacturer of an eartag approved under subregulation (2);

    }eartag~ means an eartag for identifying sheep, goats or camelids for the purposes of these regulations.

    (2) A person must not manufacture an eartag unless the person is approved by the Registrar.

    Penalty: $5 000.

    (3) A person must not sell an eartag unless it has been manufactured by an approved manufacturer.

    Penalty: $5 000.

    (4) An approved manufacturer must not sell an eartag unless

    (a) a person has applied to the manufacturer for an eartag that will identify sheep, goats or camelids owned by that person;

    (b) the person has given the manufacturer

    (i) his or her full name and postal address; and

    (ii) a copy of the registered brand owned by that person;

    (c) the manufacturer has confirmed that the registered brand relates to a property where the person keeps the sheep, goats or camelids

    (i) by sighting the brand in an original certificate of registration of a brand under section 23 of the Act in relation to a brand registered for the sheep, goats or camelids;

    (ii) by application to the Registrar; or

    (iii) by reference to the internet website maintained under regulation 12(4);

    (d) the manufacturer has kept a written or electronic record of that confirmation; and

    (e) the eartag displays the registered brand.

    Penalty: $5 000.

    (5) An approved manufacturer who sells an eartag must keep a written or electronic record of the confirmation under subregulation (4)(c) for a period of 2 years after the sale of the eartag.

    Penalty: $5 000.

    (6) The Registrar may request an approved manufacturer to make available to an approved person any record of confirmation kept under subregulation (5) and in that event the approved manufacturer must comply with the request as soon as practicable after the request is made.

    Penalty: $5 000.

    [Regulation 4A inserted in Gazette 14 Jun 2005 p. 2621-2.]

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