2. Interpretation

    In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,

    }Company~ means the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, Limited, and shall include its assigns;

    }Undertaking~ means the storage, supply, and distribution of oil and liquid fuel within the limits herein mentioned, and the making and constructing of all works connected therewith, and all other works authorised by this Act, and the doing of all things necessary or convenient therefor, subject to the provisions of this Act;

    }Street~ includes any street, highway, lane, public road, thoroughfare, passage, footpath, pavement, or place within the area hereinafter defined;

    }Railway~ has the meaning defined by the Government Railways Act 1904;

    }Wharf~ includes any wharf, dock, quay, jetty, landing stage, or other landing place;

    }Works~ means all buildings, erections, reservoirs, works, plant, machinery, apparatus, pipes, mains, connections, and all other works connected with and incidental to the undertaking or by this Act or in any other way authorised to be constructed or undertaken by the Company;

    }Local Authority~ means within their respective jurisdictions the Mayor and Councillors of the Municipality of Fremantle 2, the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia, and the Fremantle Port Authority 3.

    [Section 3 amended by No. 31 of 2003 s. 142(2).]

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