4. Interpretation

    (1) In this Act

    }Commonwealth Act~ means the International Transfer of Prisoners Act 1997 of the Commonwealth;

    }corresponding law~ means a law of another State that provides for the international transfer of prisoners;

    }department~ means the department of the Public Service principally assisting the Minister to whom the administration of the Prisons Act 1981 is for the time being committed by the Governor;

    }function~ includes a power, authority or duty;

    }State~ includes the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory;

    }War Crimes Tribunal~ means the former Yugoslavia Tribunal or Rwanda Tribunal within the meaning of the Commonwealth Act.

    (2) If an expression is defined in the Commonwealth Act and is also used in this Act, the expression as used in this Act has, unless the contrary intention appears, the same meaning as in the Commonwealth Act.

    (3) In this Act, a reference to the Commonwealth Act includes a reference to

    (a) the Commonwealth Act as amended and in force for the time being; and

    (b) an Act enacted in substitution for the Commonwealth Act.

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