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    51. Powers of inspection

    (1) Any officer of the Department, or any honorary warden, may, together with any person he may think competent to assist him, enter any premises, other than premises used exclusively as a private dwelling, and may therein or thereon

    (a) examine any Aboriginal site or any place or object that he has reasonable grounds for believing to have been traditionally or currently of sacred, ritual or ceremonial significance to persons of Aboriginal descent; and

    (b) make such examination and inquiry and tests, and ask such questions, and request such information as he considers necessary or desirable,

    to the extent required for the purposes of this Act.

    (2) In the exercise of his powers under subsection (1) an officer of the Department, or an honorary warden, shall conform so far as is practicable to such reasonable requirements of the person owning or using the premises in question as are necessary to prevent the working of the business or the conduct of operations on the premises being obstructed.

    (3) The occupier of any premises and any person in charge or apparently in charge of any premises or operations shall furnish to any officer of the Department, or any honorary warden duly authorised, all reasonable assistance and all such information that he is capable of furnishing or as required by that officer or honorary warden with respect to the exercise of his powers and the discharge of his duties under this Act.

    [Section 51 amended by No. 24 of 1995 s. 45.]

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