Reprinted under the Reprints Act 1984 as at 7 February 2003

    Western Australia

    Perth Dental Hospital Land Act 1942

    An Act to authorise the transfer of a certain portion of the land comprised in Perth town lot O5 to the Perth Dental Hospital Board for the purpose of a site for a public dental hospital.


    Whereas that portion of Perth town lot O5, more particularly described in section 2, was purchased by The Western Australian College of Dental Science and Perth Dental Hospital Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as }the Association~) for an estate in fee simple under and by virtue of the provisions of section 3 of the Public Dental Hospital Land Act 1934 (hereinafter referred to as }the said Act~), to be used solely for the purpose of a site for a public dental hospital: And whereas the said land was mortgaged under the powers contained in section 4 of the said Act to the Bank of New South Wales 2, St. George's Terrace, Perth (hereinafter referred to as }the mortgagee~), by instrument of mortgage registered on 8 May 1936: And whereas, with the knowledge and consent of the Association, a Board, known as the Perth Dental Hospital Board, has been appointed by the Governor in Council under section 15 of the Hospitals and Health Services Act 1927 3, by Order in Council dated 1 October 1941 for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a public dental hospital: And whereas, for the purpose of providing a site for a public dental hospital, the Association is desirous of transferring the said land to the said Perth Dental Hospital Board (to which transfer the mortgagee consents), and the authority of Parliament is needed to enable this to be done: Be it enacted by the King's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly of Western Australia, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

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