13. Power to require person to answer questions and produce documents

    (1) An authorised officer may, by notice in writing, require a person whom he believes to be capable of giving information relevant to a claim for a payment under this Act to attend before him at a time and place specified in the notice and there to answer questions and to produce to him such accounts, books and documents in relation to the claim as are referred to in the notice.

    (2) The authorised officer may make copies of, or take extracts from, any accounts, books or documents produced in pursuance of this section and may retain those copies or extracts.

    (3) A person is not excused from answering a question or producing any accounts, books or documents when required to do so under this section on the ground that the answer to the question or the production of the accounts, books or documents might tend to incriminate him or make him liable to a penalty, but his answer to any such question is not admissible in evidence against him in proceedings other than proceedings for an offence against section 15(1)(c) or (2)(c).

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