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    3. Interpretation

    In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears

    }aerial spraying~ means the spraying, spreading or dispersing of any agricultural chemical from an aircraft in flight;

    }agricultural chemical~ means any chemical prescribed as an insecticide, fungicide or herbicide, or as an agricultural chemical or fertilizer or any preparation containing a chemical so prescribed;

    }aircraft~ means a machine that can derive support in the atmosphere from the reactions of the air;

    }certificate~ means a current and valid pilot chemical rating certificate granted to a pilot of an aircraft by the Director under section 7;

    }hazardous area~ means an area declared by the Minister under section 9 to be a hazardous area for the purposes of this Act;

    }owner~ used in relation to an aircraft the subject of a hire purchase agreement, a hiring agreement or a bill of sale, means the person in possession of the aircraft under the hire purchase or hiring agreement or the person by whom the bill of sale was made or given;

    }pilot in command~ means the pilot responsible for the operation and safety of an aircraft from the moment at which the aircraft moves under its own power for the purpose of taking off until the moment at which it comes to rest after being airborne;

    }spray drift~ means the movement of any fractions of the original spray from an aircraft containing agricultural chemicals in solution or in suspension or in the form of chemical particles, vapours or volatile components thereof;

    }the Department~ means the department of the State Public Service known as the Department of Agriculture;

    }the Director~ means the person for the time being holding the office of Director of Agriculture in the Department and includes the Deputy Director.

    [Section 3 amended by No. 31 of 1968 s. 3.]

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