53. Offences relating to the practice of psychology

    (1) Subject to the provisions of this section and except as otherwise provided in this Act, no person, other than a person who is registered as a psychologist under this Act and is thereby authorised so to do in relation to the circumstances in question, shall

    (a) in any manner hold himself out as or pretend to be or make use of any words or any name, title, addition, or description implying or tending to the belief that he is a psychologist or is entitled, either alone or with others, to practise or teach psychology; or

    (b) practise or teach psychology or any branch of psychological practice or seek or require human subjects for investigation or research involving the practice of psychology, under the style or title of a psychologist or any name, title, addition, or description implying or tending to the belief that he holds any degree or diploma in psychology, or is otherwise specially qualified to practise or teach psychology, or any branch of psychology, or is registered under this Act.

    Penalty: First offence, $200. Second or subsequent offence, $1 000.

    (2) Subsection (1) does not prohibit

    (a) the use of any title or description necessarily assumed by any public educational institution recognised by the Board for the purpose of education in psychology;

    (b) the carrying out of a psychological practice by

    (i) the holder of a certificate of provisional registration who is gaining experience pursuant to the provisions of section 36(1) notwithstanding any restriction or limitation imposed on that registration, if that psychological practice is carried out by him under the direction of a person who is not by this Act prohibited from himself carrying out that practice; or

    (ii) a person who is not a registered psychologist and who, in such manner and to such extent as is authorised or permitted by the rules, is carrying out that psychological practice in the course of his employment by, and under the direction of, a registered psychologist.

    (3) No registered psychologist shall carry on the practice of psychology under any name, whether or not a company or firm name, other than his own, unless he has the approval of the Board.

    (4) No registered psychologist shall authorise or permit a person who is not registered as a psychologist under this Act to practise as a psychologist or carry out any psychological practice for or on his behalf, except in such cases and in such manner and to such extent as is authorised or permitted by the rules.

    (5) No registered psychologist shall in relation to psychology use or notify on any name-plate or sign or in any advertisement or notice published by or for him any title, words, letters, addition, or description, either in full, or in abbreviation or in combination, other than that or those shown in the Register in relation to his registration.

    (6) A company or association, even though it consists wholly of registered psychologists, shall not take or use or have attached to or exhibited at any place (either alone or in combination with any other word or words or letters) the words psychological company or psychological institute or psychological hospital or psychological college or college of psychology or school of psychology or any similar words, except in such cases and in such manner as may be approved by the Board pursuant to the rules.

    [Section 53 amended by No. 78 of 1995 s. 147.]

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