Western Australia

Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Western Australia) Act 1995

An Act to apply certain laws of the Commonwealth relating to agricultural and veterinary chemical products as laws of Western Australia and for related purposes.

Reasons for enacting this Act

1. The protection of the health and safety of human beings, animals and the environment is essential to the well-being of society and can be enhanced by putting in place a system to regulate agricultural chemical products and veterinary chemical products.

2. The principle of ecologically sustainable development requires a regulatory system that is designed to ensure that the use of such products today will not impair the prospects of future generations.

3. The furthering of trade and commerce between Australia and places outside Australia, and the present and future economic viability and competitiveness of primary industry and of a domestic industry for manufacturing and formulating such products, are essential for the well-being of the economy and require a system for regulating such products that is cost effective, efficient, predictable, adaptive and responsive.

4. It is desirable to establish a regulatory system that is open and accountable and gives opportunity for public input with respect to the regulation of such products.

5. The system should, so far as practicable, be uniform throughout Australia.

6. Uniformity could best be achieved by the enactment of legislation by the Parliament of the Commonwealth as a law for the government of the Australian Capital Territory and the adoption of that legislation by the Parliaments and legislatures of the States and the Northern Territory.

Note: This is not an authorised version. The only authorised version is the hardcopy (printed) version published under authority of the Government Printer, available from the State Law Publisher, 10 William St Perth W.A. 6000.