3. Interpretation

    In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears

    }Board~ means the Podiatrists Registration Board constituted under section 5;

    }certificate of registration~ means a certificate of registration granted under section 13;

    }chairman~ means the chairman of the Board;

    }medical practitioner~ means a medical practitioner registered under the Medical Act 1894;

    }member~ means a member of the Board and includes the chairman;

    }physiotherapist~ means a physiotherapist registered under the Physiotherapists Act 1950;

    }podiatrist~ means a person registered under this Act;

    }podiatry~ means the diagnosis and treatment, by medical, surgical, electrical, mechanical or manual methods, of such ailments or abnormal conditions of the human foot as come within the accepted province of podiatry including the analysis of gait and other factors influencing disorders of the foot and appropriate preventative education;

    }Register~ means the register referred to in section 12;

    }Registrar~ means the person holding or acting in the office of Registrar under section 9;

    }section~ means a section of this Act; and

    }subsection~ means a subsection of the section in which that term is used.

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