35. Publication of proceedings

    (1) Without limiting the operation of section 42, no action, claim or demand lies against

    (a) the Board, any member of the Board, the Registrar or any officer of the Board;

    (b) any board or authority outside the State charged with regulating the registration and supervision of podiatrists, or any officer, employee or agent thereof; or

    (c) the proprietor, editor, printer or publisher of any newspaper, journal or periodical,

    in respect of the publication in good faith of the whole or any part of a report of any proceedings before, or findings by, by the Board concerning any matter touching the practice of podiatry.

    (2) Where under this Act the name of a person is struck off the Register or the registration of a person is suspended, the Board may notify the striking off, or suspension, and the cause thereof, to

    (a) any board or authority outside the State by which the person is registered as a podiatrist;

    (b) any body that has granted him a qualification that is entered in the Register;

    (c) the body known as The Australian Podiatry Association (Western Australia); and

    (d) any person by whom he is employed as a podiatrist or any person with whom he practices podiatry in partnership.

    [Section 35 amended by No. 55 of 2004 s. 962.]

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