52. Offences relating to hypnosis

    (1) Any person, other than

    (a) a registered psychologist, in the ordinary course of his psychological practice;

    (b) a dentist as defined in the Dental Act 1939, in the practice of dentistry as defined in that Act; or

    (c) a prescribed person, licensed pursuant to rules made under this Act as a person who may practise hypnosis, under or in accordance with the conditions specified in relation to him by the Board,

    who engages in the practice of hypnosis commits an offence.

    Penalty: $1 000.

    (2) In this section a }prescribed person~ means a person

    (a) who, during a period of not less than 2 years immediately preceding the coming into operation of this section, had, in the opinion of the Board, derived his income principally from the practice of hypnosis; or

    (b) who is approved by the Board as a person authorised to practise hypnosis in accordance with such conditions as are specified by the Board in relation to him.

    (3) The Board shall make rules and set conditions for licensing prescribed persons to practise hypnosis.

    (4) In administering the provisions of this section the Board shall have regard to, but shall not be bound by, the standards of the body known as the W.A. Society for Medical Hypnosis and such other organisations as are recognised by the body known as the International Society for Hypnosis.

    [Section 52 amended by No. 78 of 1995 s. 147.]

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