9. Funds

    (1) The funds necessary for the effectual exercise by the Protection Board of the powers conferred and duties imposed upon it by this Act and the Agriculture Protection Act shall be

    (a) the sums and contributions referred to in section 11;

    (b) such moneys as are, from time to time, appropriated by Parliament for that purpose;

    (c) such moneys as the Protection Board may borrow pursuant to the provisions of this Act;

    (d) the proceeds of any sale, lease, mortgage, exchange or other disposal of land or personal property which the Protection Board is authorized to effect and which may properly be so used;

    (e) the proceeds of investment of any part of the fund which is not required for an immediate use; and

    (f) such moneys as are received on and after 1 March 1951 for the sale, rental, hire, lease or otherwise using or disposing of all stocks, including fences, land reserved for the purposes of such fences, sources of water supplies upon such lands, structures, furniture, fittings, machinery, vehicles, livestock, crops, grain, hay, chaff, implements, tools, equipment, materials, and all other goods and plant provided by the Government, whether before, on or after that day, for the purpose of, or in connection with the control of, or the prohibition or regulation of the introduction or keeping of, plants or animals to which the Agriculture Protection Act applies or to which any Act repealed by that Act applied.

    (2) All such moneys shall be credited to an account to be kept at the Treasury, forming part of the Trust Fund constituted under section 9 of the Financial Administration and Audit Act 1985, and called The Agriculture Protection Board Fund and shall be applied to the purposes of this Act and the Agriculture Protection Act.

    (3) The Protection Fund shall be operated upon in such manner as may be prescribed.

    [Section 9 amended by No. 8 of 1956 s.4; No. 25 of 1976 s.8; No. 49 of 1996 s.64.]

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