13. Powers generally

    (1) The Authority has all the powers it needs to perform its functions under this Act or any other Act.

    (2) The Authority may, for the purpose of performing any of its functions under this Act or any other Act, but subject to any limitation imposed by any Act

    (a) acquire, construct, add to, alter, improve, hold, maintain, manage, develop, or dispose of, real or personal property;

    (b) enter into any contract or arrangement, including a contract or arrangement with any person for the performance of the function by that person on behalf of the Authority;

    (c) act as an agent or provide consultancy, professional, or technical services or other assistance under a contract for services or other arrangement;

    (d) participate, with the Minister's approval, in any business concern and, with the Treasurer's approval, acquire, hold, and dispose of, shares, units, or other interests in, or relating to, a business concern;

    (e) carry out any investigation, survey, exploration, feasibility study, evaluation, or review;

    (f) collaborate in, carry out, or procure the carrying out of, research and publish information that results from the research;

    (g) produce and deal in any equipment, facilities or system associated with, the performance of the function;

    (h) develop and turn to account any technology, software or other intellectual property that relates to the function and, for that purpose, apply for, hold, exploit and dispose of any patent, patent rights, copyright or similar rights; and

    (i) promote and market the Authority and its activities.

    (3) Subsection (2) does not limit subsection (1) or any of the Authority's other powers.

    (4) The Authority may

    (a) make any gift for a charitable purpose or any other purpose of benefit to the community or a section of the community;

    (b) make any ex gratia payment that it considers to be in the Authority's interest;

    (c) accept any gift or other payment if it is absolute, or subject to conditions that it would be able to satisfy.

    (5) In this section

    }acquire~ includes taking

    (a) by way of a lease, licence, easement, or bailment; or

    (b) in any other manner in which an interest in property may be acquired;

    }business concern~ means a company, a partnership, a trust, a joint venture, or any other business arrangement;

    }dispose of~ includes dispose of

    (a) by way of a lease, licence, easement, or bailment; or

    (b) in any other manner in which an interest in property may be disposed of;

    }participate in~ includes form, promote, establish, enter into, manage, dissolve, wind up, and do things incidental to participating in, a business concern.

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