18/Jun/2004 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    7. Application for and effect of certificate

    (1) A person who is the holder of

    (a) a current and valid commercial licence or senior commercial pilot's licence endorsed with an agricultural rating under the Air Navigation Regulations 2 of the Commonwealth as in force from time to time or any regulations in substitution therefor as so in force; and

    (b) the prescribed qualifications,

    may, on payment of the prescribed fee, make an application for a certificate in the manner prescribed, to the Director who may grant or refuse the application.

    (2) A certificate, during the period of its currency and subject to, and in accordance with, this Act, the Air Navigation Act 1920 of the Commonwealth as amended from time to time, or any Act of the Commonwealth passed in substitution for that Act, the regulations made under any such Act and subject to the compliance with the conditions attached to the certificate, entitles the holder of the certificate to act as pilot in command of an aircraft from which aerial spraying is carried out.

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