16/Aug/2002 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    4. Powers of Company

    Subject to the provisions and within the limits of this Act, the Company may

    (a) erect, construct, lay down, establish, and fix all necessary works and do and perform all such other acts and things as may be thought necessary for storing, supplying, and distributing oil and liquid fuel in or under any street, or in, on, or under any railway, or wharf;

    (b) open, break up, and interfere with any street, railway, or wharf, and any sewer, drain, or tunnel within or under any street, railway, or wharf, and may lay down and place in, on, or under any street, railway, or wharf, mains, conduits, service pipes, and other works for the supply and distribution of oil and liquid fuel, and also may from time to time repair, alter, or remove the same and, for the purposes aforesaid, may remove or use all earth and material in or under such street, railway, or wharf:

    Provided that mains, conduits, and service pipes laid down or placed in or under any footpath shall only be laid down and placed across such footpath and not along the length thereof:

    Provided also that the power to open, break up, or interfere with any railway or wharf shall not be exercised without the consent of the Minister administering the Government Railways Act 1904, or the Fremantle Harbour Trust Act 1902, respectively, subject to such conditions as the Minister may deem expedient.

    Provided also that all plans and specifications for the construction of the necessary works for storing and supplying or distributing in or under any street shall first be submitted to and approved of by the Minister for Works.

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