3B. Cathedral Square Foundation established

    (1) There shall be a standing committee representing the Cathedral Chapter and the Diocesan Council to be known as }The Cathedral Square Foundation~.

    (2) The Foundation shall consist of

    (a) the Archbishop or his commissary appointed pursuant to the Perth Archbishopric Statute of the Church as amended from time to time or pursuant to any Church statutory replacement therefor;

    (b) the Dean for the time being or the person for the time being fulfilling the office of the Dean; and

    (c) 4 Laymen, 2 appointed by the Cathedral Chapter and 2 appointed by the Diocesan Council.

    (3) The Cathedral Chapter and the Diocesan Council shall respectively appoint a deputy for each of the Laymen appointed by them to the Foundation, to act at a meeting in the place of the Layman for whom he is a deputy if for any reason the Layman is absent therefrom.

    (4) The first appointment of Laymen and their deputies shall be made not more than 2 months after the coming into operation of this section1.

    (5) The Laymen and their deputies shall be appointed for a term of 3 years and shall be eligible for re-appointment.

    (6) If a Layman or a deputy dies or resigns his office as member or deputy of a member of the Foundation, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the same body as appointed the Layman or deputy and the person filling the vacancy shall hold office for the remainder of his predecessor's term.

    (7) The Foundation shall hold such meetings as are necessary for the exercise of its functions and duties.

    (8) At a meeting of the Foundation

    (a) not less than 5 members thereof, including, where the case requires, deputies, forms a quorum;

    (b) a question arising at the meeting shall be determined by a majority of the valid votes of the members, including, where the case requires, deputies, present; and

    (c) the Archbishop or his commissary shall have a deliberative and a casting vote.

    (9) No act or thing done by the Foundation is invalidated, prejudiced, or affected by reason of any vacancy in the membership thereof as long as a quorum remains.

    (10) Subject to this section, the Foundation may regulate its procedure in such manner as it thinks fit.

    (11) The functions and duties of the Foundation shall be

    (a) to give advice to the Trustees on the matters referred to in section 3A(3)(a).

    (b) to make such determinations as the Foundation thinks fit of the distributions to be made by the Trustees under section 3A(3)(b) towards the needs of any one or more of the Cathedral, the Diocese, and the Province, and to direct the Trustees to make the distributions accordingly;

    (c) to make recommendations to the Trustees with respect to the development of Cathedral Square; and

    (d) to report half-yearly to the Cathedral Chapter and the Diocesan Council in relation thereto.

    (12) Determinations and directions of the Foundation under subsection (11)(b) are binding on the Trustees but advice and recommendations of the Foundation under paragraphs (a) and (c) thereof are not so binding.

    [Section 3B inserted by No. 55 of 1973 s. 3.]

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