17/Aug/2001 - Current (at 31 Dec 2005)
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    18. Appointment of a new valuer in case of a vacancy

    And be it enacted that if any such valuator as aforesaid for any town-site shall die, or wish to resign his office, or become disabled to act therein from mental or bodily infirmity, or shall cease to be qualified as a trustee of such town, or shall become pecuniarily interested in the subject matter of any award or required award, it shall be lawful for his co-valuators or co-valuator, or for any 3 others of the trustees of such town, to convene a special meeting of such trustees by requisition published in 2 successive 'Gazettes,' and the trustees assembled at such meeting, being at least 7 in number, shall elect another valuator or valuators in the place and stead of the valuator or valuators so dying, disabled, disqualified or interested as aforesaid.

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