17. Compensation to owners and occupiers of private land

    (1) A permittee, holder of a drilling reservation, lessee or licensee may agree with the owner and occupier respectively of any private land comprised in the permit, drilling reservation, lease or licence as to the amount of compensation to be paid for the right to occupy the land.

    (2) Subject to subsections (3) and (5), the compensation to be made to the owner and occupier shall be compensation for being deprived of the possession of the surface or any part of the surface of the private land, and for damage to the surface of the whole or any part thereof, and to any improvements thereon, which may arise from the carrying on of operations thereon or thereunder, and for the severance of such land from other land of the owner or occupier, and for rights-of-way and for all consequential damages.

    (3) In assessing the amount of compensation no allowance shall be made to the owner or occupier for any gold, minerals, or petroleum known or supposed to be on or under the land.

    (4) If within such time as may be prescribed the parties are unable to agree upon the amount of compensation to be paid, either party may apply to the Magistrates Court at the place nearest to where the land is situated to fix the amount of compensation.

    (5) In determining the amount of compensation, the Court shall take into consideration the amount of any compensation which the owner and occupier or either of them have or has already received in respect of the damage for which compensation is being assessed, and shall deduct the amount already so received from the amount which they would otherwise be entitled to for such damage.

    [Section 17 amended by No. 12 of 1990 s. 12; No. 78 of 1990 s. 7; No. 59 of 2004 s. 141.]

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