26. Regulations

    The Governor may make any regulations necessary or convenient for carrying this Act into effect and in particular may make regulations for all or any of the following purposes

    (a) the issue of licences and the fees to be paid for licences;

    (b) the transfer and surrendering of licences;

    (c) the form, manner and place of registration of licences, renewals, cancellations and other matters requiring registration under this Act, where not specially provided for in this Act;

    (d) prescribing the charges that a debt collector is entitled to charge, recover or receive from any debtor of a creditor for or in connection with the collection of a debt from the debtor on behalf of the creditor where the debt is paid by instalments and prescribing that the maximum amount thereof shall not exceed 2% of the amount of the debt and providing for a minimum charge;

    (e) providing that any auditor or authorised person auditing or examining any documents, books, accounts, or records of a licensee shall be subject to an obligation not to divulge, otherwise than prescribed, any matter of which he shall be informed in the course of any such audit or inspection;

    (f) exempting any person, body or authority from the application of this Act in accordance with section 4(h) and exempting wholly or to the extent prescribed any other person, body or authority or class of persons, bodies or authorities from the operation of this Act and specifying what provisions, if any, of this Act and the regulations are, with such modifications as are necessary or seem desirable and are specified in the regulations, to apply to the person, body or authority or any class thereof so exempted;

    (g) regulating and prohibiting the method and manner in which a debt collector may make known the place where, and the fact that he is a debt collector;

    (h) imposing penalties not exceeding $200 for breach of any regulation; and

    (i) prescribing all matters and things required or permitted by this Act to be prescribed.

    [Section 26 amended by No. 113 of 1965 s. 8.]

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