25. Deed mortgagee

    When any person to whom any lands have been conveyed by way of mortgage shall have died without having entered into the possession or into the receipt of the rents and profits thereof, and the money due in respect of such mortgage shall have been paid to a person entitled to receive the same, or such last-mentioned person shall consent to an order for the re-conveyance of such lands, then, in any of the following cases, it shall be lawful for the said Civil Court to make an order vesting such lands in such person or persons in such manner and for such estate as the said Court shall direct (that is to say):

    When an heir or devisee of such mortgagee shall be out of the jurisdiction of the said Civil Court or cannot be found:

    When an heir or devisee or such mortgagee shall, upon a demand by an person entitled to require a conveyance of such lands, or a duly authorised agent of such last-mentioned person, have stated in writing that he will not convey the same, or shall not convey the same for the space of twenty-eight days next after a proper deed for conveying such lands shall have been tendered to him by a person entitled as aforesaid, or a duly authorised agent of such lastmentioned person:

    When it shall be uncertain which of several devisees of such mortgagee was the survivor:

    When it shall be uncertain as to the survivor of several devisees of such mortgagee, or as to the heir of such mortgagee, whether he be living or dead:

    When such mortgagee shall have died intestate as to such lands, and without an heir, or shall have died, and it shall not be known who is his heir or devisee.

    And the order of the Court, made in any one of the foregoing cases, shall have the same effect as if the heir or devisee, or surviving devisee, as the case may be, had duly executed a conveyance or assignment of the lands in the same manner and for the same estate.

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